Custom Made

If you would like to have a piece specially made, Tania will work with you and your ideas, discuss the possibilities and show examples, and together you will come up with the perfect piece. This can be done in person by appointment or via the internet.

Tania especially enjoys working with old family treasures, bits of jewellery that are now dust collectors, remodelling and recycling metal and stones, giving new life to these pieces is very fulfilling.

Having access to a wide range of gemstones for viewing, working in all precious metals, organic and non organic materials, the possibilities are endless and always exciting!

Non conflict diamonds are always sourced.

The timeframe of having something made to order is around 4-6 weeks.

Care instructions will be discussed and cleaning of your piece regularly is of no charge.

A deposit of 50% is required to begin an order and the remainder paid when the piece is collected.

Price Ranges for Custom Made Rings (stones not included)

Silver                     $200 – $400

9ct yellow gold      $450 – $700

9ct white gold       $550 – $1000

18ct yellow gold   $1000 – $1700

18ct white gold    $1100 – $2000


Please refer to the ‘About’ section for Mooskin Guarantee